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Last night my wife and I went to the usual place on Friday and Saturday.... an association we know, going slutload to New Brighton. It is a dip recently, but has a lot of good music and lots of laughs. We were standing in a corner and as the night slutload the crowd was getting bigger and soon we were like sardines. It was a group of guys approached us and could not move in the place. We laughed and joked with the boys and one of them Sue said he asked her to dance, but he would not be able to find the dance floor. Since everyone has a little drunk all the boys whispered a little braver and Sue told me that it happened to her tits and ass brushed. I said I probably wasent random and that he did intentionally. I also asked who wanted elsewhere. She laughed and said slutload it was fun and we stay where we were. After a while, watching the guys I was convinced the little brushes against them wbefore any accident, said Sue. She whispered in my ear, it slutload was really a sensation of cold, surrounded by children and must let go a little further. (You know, I 'd like to see in the dark, or having sex with another man, and I said I did not care. ) Then went to the bathroom, but before her, she told me to tell the kids what had said, and again without underwear. I told one of them, and said to the other in silence. One of the guys asked if I was sure he was okay and told him that Sue had said it was not me. manouvred When he returned to the center of the group and I was on the edge, but could not do everything you would see. Within about 2 minutes with his hands on them. No one else could see, as she squeezed her tits and plays with her ass. She was loving it, his eyes narrowed and I could see his chest moving rapidly up and down with your breathing. One boy who was leaning on his hand, pushedbehind him and started playing with her pussy. I heard him say to one another as one of his legs, he comes. A moment later the finger in the leg while standing support of the other guys in front of the child and gave her a good fingering maintain. She told me later that the man had held his finger while his ass. Sue loved it, and I think the guys had a good time, it was time to go very soon and told me all the details when we get home..... end just before a big shit. So if you 're reading this.... thanks a lot guys, I have not seen in this lot is by age, (perhaps age anyway ) Oh and by the way, we will be slutload there more often during the summer. I let all know that if we go further. Let me know if this sort of thing happens to someone else as a starting point to feel a little weird lol
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